Tavanmehvar Azin Sanat



coupling Due to the increasing need of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for various parts of turbomachines, especially pumps and compressors, according to the wear […]


Shims Power-oriented flexible elements are produced in order to withstand the harsh conditions and many misalignments in cooling towers. These elements are integral discs that are […]

Fiberglass grating

Fibreglass Grating of Tavanmehvar Company Grating is a composite made of reinforced glass fibers for industrial and commercial use. Composite gratings are mesh plates that are […]

Carbon fiber drive shaft

Considering the increasing need to localize parts and prevent the wastage of the country’s foreign exchange resources, tavan mehvar company, as the first and only patent […]

Composite fan blades

Composite fan blades With several years of presence in the field of production of carbon shafts and fiberglass and other essentials of cooling tower systems, tavanmehvarcompany […]