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Tavanmehvar Company was established in 2004 with the purpose of manufacturing all kinds of machines and parts for the petrochemical and oil industries in an area of two thousand square meters in the large industrial town of Shiraz.

This unit started its work initially by manufacturing all kinds of CNC machines and parts of the cement industry, and with the efforts and support of its hardworking management and employees, it succeeded in developing and expanding its services to the industries of the country. Tavanmehvar Azin Sanat company with design and engineering departments, machining, assembly and welding, quality control, painting and production of fiberglass parts and using suitable facilities and experienced personnel is able to produce all kinds of composite parts (including all kinds of power transmission shafts) carbon fiber, composite safety clutches, louvres and corrugated plates,…) as well as designing and manufacturing light and heavy metal parts.

Tavanmehvar Azin Sanat company, is a production company, an industry in the field of carbon fiber drive shaft production. It works. The management of the company is committed to implement the “Quality Management System” based on the “ISO/TS 29001:2010” standard in order to realize the importance of customer requirements and standards and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. For this purpose, he puts the slogan “doing work with the best quality of advertising the company” on his work board and asks all his managers and employees to use all their power to establish the mentioned standard.

Tavanmehvar company will build the future in such a way that it will become a leading and well-known company in the production of fiber carbon shafts, tanks, gratings and composite valves, so as to provide its products and services with competitive prices, optimal quality and in the shortest possible time, from innovation and technology In order to create added value and gain a sustainable competitive advantage at the global level, new innovations should use advanced information and communication systems, efficient operating systems, flexible and collaborative management methods, and motivated, expert and committed employees and managers, and the capabilities Bring your marketing to the international level.

1- Respecting the wishes of customers and ensuring their satisfaction
2- Quantitative and qualitative development of products
3- Empowerment of human resources and efforts to improve training and skills of employees
4- Innovation in providing products to customers
5- Developing the capacity to provide products to customers through the creation of new and modern lines.
6- Increasing speed and quality and reducing delivery time and continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction
7- Efforts to increase production and reduce prices compared to the daily market
8- Developing the sales market and continuously improving the level of communication between employees and customers and creating motivation to promote good relations and a sense of loyalty.

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Company certificates