Tavanmehvar Azin Sanat


Azin Sanat

Manufacturing machinery and parts for petrochemical industries

Azin Sanat

Design and manufacture of carbon fiber drive shafts

Azin Sanat

Design and manufacture of composite blades

Azin Sanat

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of metal parts

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fan blade

Tuan Axor company has the ability to provide fans required by various industries including oil, gas, petrochemical and metal industries and power plants widely and provides various services in...

درایو شفت کامپوزیتی

با توجه به نیاز روز افزون به بومی سازی و جلوگیری از هدر رفت منابع ارزی کشور، شرک توان محور بعنوان اولین دارنده گواهی ثبت اختراع این محصول ، ...


گریتینگ های مولد یا قالبی توان محور از الیاف شیشه و رزین مطابق با استاندارد 24537-DIN تولید میگردد که عملیات پخت بصورت یکپارچه در یک قالب انجام می شود...


شرکت توان محور توانایی تولید کوپلینگ ممبرین در ابعاد و سایز های متفاوت بر اساس سفارش مشتری با جنس های مختلف مثل انواع فولاد های ضد زنگ ، فولادهای ...


المان های قابل انعطاف توان محور به منظور مقاومت در شرایط سخت و غیر هم محور های موجود در برج های خنک کننده تولید می شوند.این شمیز ها ، دیسک های ...

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The services of Tavanmehvar company

Azin tavanmehvar Company is a leader in the production and industry of carbon fiber drive shafts

Production of flexible metal and composite elements

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of rotating industrial parts

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of composite and fiberglass parts

Designing and manufacturing various types of composite shaft drives

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of fiberglass pipes

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of metal-composite shims

Introducing the management of the collection :
Mr. Engineer Dariush Azari, born in 1354 in Tehran, is the managing director of Danesh Benian Tuan Mohoor Company. He has successfully established the company in 1390 with a master’s degree in MBA and a composite shaft patent certificate. Using 18 years of work experience and employing experienced technical and administrative staff, he has left a brilliant record in the field of work related to oil, gas, petrochemical and steel industries, power plants and other related industries. The resume available on this company’s website is a decisive proof of this claim.

Tavanmehvar Company

It is proud to be one of the producers of petrochemical oil and gas parts with its experienced technical staff. One of the most important products of this company is the production of composite drive shafts. This company is proudly considered as the first producer of this power transmission drive shafts in Iran. This company is trying to fill the gaps created in the domestic industry by using domestic experts and cooperating with the technical and engineering department of Shiraz University for self-sufficiency and reducing the country’s requirements for similar foreign products.

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What is disc coupling?

What is disc coupling? Disc coupling is an intermediary between the prime mover and the driven device, which prevents damage to these two devices in abnormal

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coupling Due to the increasing need of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for various parts of turbomachines, especially pumps and compressors, according to the wear

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Shims Power-oriented flexible elements are produced in order to withstand the harsh conditions and many misalignments in cooling towers. These elements are integral discs that are

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Fiberglass grating

Fibreglass Grating of Tavanmehvar Company Grating is a composite made of reinforced glass fibers for industrial and commercial use. Composite gratings are mesh plates that are

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