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What is disc coupling?



Due to the increasing need of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for various parts of turbomachines, especially pumps and compressors, according to the wear and tear, breakage, etc., tavanmehvar Company produces parts based on the order of these companies.

This company has the ability to produce parts such as couplings in two types of metal and carbon fiber with the highest possible quality.

Coupling disk pack 1

A coupling can be defined as a mechanical device that is used to transmit power and permanently connect two rotating shafts. For example, a coupling is used to connect the output shaft of a motor to the input shaft of a hydraulic water well pump, or to connect the output shaft of an electric motor to the input shaft of a gearbox in machinery. Disc couplings are very suitable for use in medium and high torque applications that require torsional rigidity.

One of the advantages of this type of coupling is its adaptability to working conditions with non-lubrication (axial, angular and lateral), and no need for lubrication. Lateral misalignment is also known as radial misalignment or parallel offset. Also, these couplings can be used in any two modes without spacers and with spacers.

Disc couplings with spacers have the ability to compensate for angular, axial and parallel offset misalignment. While disc couplings without spacers only have the ability to compensate for angular and axial misalignment. Therefore, spacerless couplings cannot be used where there is a parallel offset.

With more than a decade of activity in the industrial fields, Tuan Mohoor Company has designed and manufactured couplings in different sizes and with various applications. Disc couplings designed by Tavanmehvar company include: Two hubs and one disk pack are made of stainless steel.

In the coupling with a spacer, the length of the spacer is placed between two groups of disc packs.

Disc packs and spacers can be moved or installed radially, and there is no need to move the rest of the assembly.

Coupling system components such as hub and flange are machined. Because of this, they can easily be used for high-speed applications

Disc Pack Coupling


Single disc

Double disc

The advantages of disc couplings produced by the power company

1- Use of high quality materials in construction

2- High precision in manufacturing

3 – Ability to use medium to high torque

4- Optimum price according to the size and torque capacity

5 – No need for lubrication

6 – Without wasting energy due to friction

7 – Compatible with parallel offset in dual disk pack mode

8- Ability to work at high temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius

9 – Standard spacer lengths according to ANSI or ISO standards are usually available.

10- Designing and manufacturing based on customer orders in higher sizes

11- Longer tube spacers are available, for example made of steel or composite.