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Carbon fiber drive shaft

Composite fan blades

Composite fan blades

With several years of presence in the field of production of carbon shafts and fiberglass and other essentials of cooling tower systems, tavanmehvarcompany initially started to produce replacement blades on a limited basis by using reverse engineering of the existing blades. Using past experiences, this route introduced a series of industrial fans with different dimensions of 18-26 feet.

The fans of this company are produced using epoxy resin with the ability to withstand high temperature and also using the vacuum method.

tavanmehvar company has the ability to supply fans required by various industries including oil, gas, petrochemical and metal industries and power plants on a wide scale and provides various services in different fields from production to installation and operation of this product to our respected customers. does

For more information, you can read the TMF-1 series fan product catalog here.

Advantages of the TMF-1 series fan:

1- Produced using Vicom method for high quality
2- Produced with epoxy resin (high strength compared to vinyl ester and polyester resin)
3- It has an end cap to increase efficiency
Flow design and simulation in case of special cases required by the customer
4- Quality control in different stages of production
Can be used in high temperature range for special cases