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Flexible elements

Flexible elements are made of special stainless steel or advanced composite materials that are used to co-drive different drives such as motors, pumps, gearboxes, turbine   and different type of cooling tower drive shafts. These elements can greatly overcome the offsets.

Our flexible elements are designed to withstand extreme conditions and unconsciousness in cooling towers and other equipment.

All of these components are packed in a urethane enclosure for easier handling to prevent any defects.

Our flexible elements have a very high fatigue life and easy installation.

These flexible elements are single-clad disks made of advanced composite materials and embedded in stainless steel bushings.

These elements are presented in various dimensions and with different torque bearing capacity.

In this type of composite element, the main causes of failure of metal types such as wear, corrosion and micro friction cracks are completely eliminated and so the cost of maintenance has fallen sharply and the installation process is also easier

These elements can survive for years without difficulty in the most difficult conditions

As a result, the fatigue life of our elastic elements is equal to the theoretical lifetime.

The physical and mechanical properties of continuous fibers represent a high non-axial bearing capacity and high life time.

Flexible metal elements

Our flexible elements are available in a variety of sizes and with different torque tolerance capacity

The torque bearing capacity is based on dynamic and static tests to provide the infinite fatigue life in both torque and non-integrity

Flexible elements are only part of the joints that endure alternating forces so the fatigue phenomenon is so important in that regard

Level Shims

A variety of standard metal shims are presented to the customers as a single or complete kit to align the equipment