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Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts

The cooling tower shaft performs the task of transferring power from the engine to the gearbox and it is a cylindrical rod.

One of the important points in choosing the cooling tower shafts is to use a material that should be resistant to corrosion and temperature changes.

Due to this, Tavan Mehvar Company, based on the knowledge and experience of its expert personnel, has made this type of shafts from carbon fiber composite. In addition to improving the efficiency of the Cooling Towers, these shafts reduce the maintenance costs as well.

The central composite part in the carbon fiber shaft weights 0.25 of the same steel one

These high-performance composites provide high performance during service because of their superior strength and corrosion resistance.

Due to the nearly doubling of the critical speed of these shafts compared to the steel shafts, as well as about 80% reduction in the forces applied to the bearings, the vibrations of the composite power connector are reduced to the axial power and the useful life of the bearing increases significantly.

Due to the lack of a crane in the installation of major fittings, the installation process will be much easier

The total Tavan Mehvar’s cooling tower connection weight is less than 45 kg, in which can be easily handled by one person.

 The modulus of these efficient composites is between 3.5 and 5 times higher than the steel alloys. As a result, these composite joints can be used at a length of about twice the steel fittings without any additional bearings.

Due to the lower density and higher stiffness of this composite material, in practice it can be produced with larger diameter cylinders that cannot be achieved in steel shafts.

Weight of a 6-meter driving shaft of Tavan Mehvar Company is 50-20 kg depending on your working conditions;

If the same shaft for such thrust is supposed to be manufactured by steel, it would be a two piece shaft with a weight around 130-240 Kg.

Removing the fixed bearings means less maintenance and therefore less costs as well as more reliability

Advantages of composite shafts

Low weight

Corrosion Resistant

Low thermal expansion coefficient

High flexibility

No need for high accuracy precision

High strength to weight ratio

Easy installation

Increase life of bearing

Highly reduce vibration

Reduced forces on bearings

Higher service life

Reducing repairs and maintenance

Higher safe(almost no failure)

Resistant to chemical environments