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Fiberglass Gratings

Composite gratings are made from reinforced glass fibers for industrial and commercial applications.

Composite gratings are lattice screens, which, due to high strength, the possibility of passing light and the beauty appearance, as well as the cost-effectiveness is one of the best choices comparing with to the similar options and is the best choice for covering, factories stairs and urban buildings.

In composite gratings, the main cause of failure which is corrosion has completely been eliminated.

The Tavan Mehvar’s gratings are available in different sizes and colors as requested by the customer.

These gratings are designed and manufactured in various profiles as requested by the customer and according to the working conditions.

Application of Gratings:

Refineries and Petrochemicals

Offshore oil rigs

Stairs and walkways around the reservoirs

Shipbuilding yards and loading Docks

Food and chemical industries

Corners of sewage collection networks

Power and data channels

Submarine grating

Escape Stairs and Spiral Stairs

Advantages of composite gratings

High mechanical strength

low weight

Resistant to corrosion and high temperature

Low maintenance

Anti-slip surface

Low buckling due to loads

nice appearance in different colors